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In-Depth Online Dating Service Reviews: Uncovering the Facts About the Most Popular Dating Sites

You’ve probably read many dating site reviews. So have we. And one thing we’ve noticed is they’re all the same, yet all so inaccurate. Welcome to We built this website to help you determine which dating site(s) to sign-up for and to learn the proper dating service strategies that guarantee you will meet that special someone. We pride ourselves on being different than other review and dating service tactics websites. How are we different?

  • We actually signed up for the websites instead of just regurgitating information from other review sites.
  • We don’t pull any punches and shoot straight in our analysis of each dating site. We are not paid to give positive or negative reviews from any of the sites. Therefore, we are completely unbiased.
  • The tips and strategies taught in our Online Dating Guide have been tested – by us – many times and proven effective.
  • The strategies taught aren’t for a specific type of man (i.e. tall, dark, handsome, and wealthy). Every tip we provide in this guide is beneficial to every man reading this (and even women too).

About Our Dating Site Reviews: How We Reviewed the Sites and Why You NEED to Read Them

There are hundreds of online dating services out there. Many of them have been around since the early days of online dating. Some are new. The best sites aren’t necessarily the ones you’re most familiar with. For example, you’re probably familiar with and They are old-school dating sites. So you might be thinking that since they’ve stuck around this long, they must be great places to find a date. And you would be INCORRECT. The dating site reviews we wrote will dispel any false assumptions most people make about each site and provide accurate information based on reliable data. The basis for our ratings of each site is as follows…

  • 2 guys reviewed 15 dating sites over the course of 3 months.
  • The entire goal was to see how many dates we were able to set-up in that time period.
  • We sent out countless emails to women we found interesting and attractive, while using proven strategies to attract women.

We Teach You More Than Just Where to Meet Women…

It’s important to know the right places to meet women. However, in order to actually meet women on those sites, you must know how to get their attention and convince them to go out on a date with you. This website was created to inform you of the best places to meet women (and why they’re the best places) AND how to meet women on those sites.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 5’3, have $500 to your name or if you’re 6’3, buff, and have a 9-figure bank account – you WILL meet the PERFECT person for you if you read what we have to say and implement the strategies taught. We’re giving you the blueprint for online dating success. It’s all up to you to trust what we teach and put in the effort to make it happen. Good luck!